I am also interested in the retention for W-9's and have been unable to find
any info on them.  Please post to the list if you can offer any insight!

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Our payroll clerk is trying to "get with the program" (so to speak) and we
are trying to come up with retention periods. How long are W2's to be kept?
She had been keeping them indefinitely. Unable to locate any regulatory
requirement (is there none or is my research inadequate?), we thought that
employees should be responsible for keeping their own records and ours was
just a backup and assigned a CY+5 retention. However, she get calls pretty
regularly from employees, or even ex-employees, wanting copies of their W2's
from ages ago. Who is responsible for keeping this info -- the employer or
the employee?

Second question: We require every new vendor to send a W9 form before we
will pay their invoice. The information is then entered into our AP system
and the form is then filed alphabetically (All A's in one folder, B's in
another and so on). The IRS requires the original form be kept, but for how
long? Some vendors we use regularly for years, others we use once then not
again for many years, others are one-time only deals. There are a few who we
know "These guys are bums and we'll never use THEM again! -- Uh oh! Is that
libel? -- others go out of business, but for the most part, we don't
necessarily know which vendor will fit into which category at any given
time. Does this then become a "Keep Them All Forever" scenario?

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