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>To the Records Management E-Journal Editor:
>Is the submission form available at your website?
>Would you publish your website to the listserve

The RM E-Journal currently does not have either a
website or a submission form.  We are working on
putting up back issues on some webspace we have
reserved, but work pressures have put that off
for a bit.

Until we can get said site up and running, back issues
may be obtained by going to


You must be a subscriber in order to view the back
issues.  There is currently one back issue in the
archive.  We anticipate sending out the second issue
sometime in February.

To submit articles/proposals, send a message to
[log in to unmask] either outlining your
proposed article, or attaching your finished
article in a word processing file.


Marc Wolfe, Publisher
Jerome Kendall, Managing Editor
Records Management e-journal

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