I work for a family owned company and we do keep family members' personal
records (for the most part, tax and insurance records). We have found that
if a family member gets a divorce or there is a death, the CFO or his staff
are the ones that have to pull all the financial information. We also file
all AP Invoices to family members separate from our regular AP. Tax and
insurance have permanent retention whether company or family. Family AP,
however, is kept permanently rather than the 7 years we keep the regular

Nolene Sherman
Records Manager - C.J. Segerstrom & Sons
(714) 546-0110
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Subject: CEO Records

I prefer to sit on the sidelines and learn from all of the wonderful
information the list has to offer, but today my inexperience is showing and
I need advice.

Our CEO's new Executive Assistant shipped four boxes of records to my record
center. They contain tax returns 1956 - 1992 and other personal financial
records of the family that own the company I am employed by. Do other family
owned companies keep this information in the corporate record center? It
seems logical to me that personal records don't belong in a corporate record
center but then again, he is the president and there may be historical
validity to them.

Chris Kuitert
Bemis Manufacturing Company
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