I have dealt with a very similar situation. My first step was to categorize
records for classification. I trained a crew of folks. They classified the
records and determined cut-off dates. They reboxed the records by cutoff
date and classification (so we could get rid of entire boxes at once). They
reboxed because it was cheaper to use new boxes than fight the vermin in the
boxes -- which were stored for years in adequate storage. The same crew also
entered a folder by folder inventory into a database. (Box by box may be
sufficient for your needs).

I worked on the disposition schedule which was based on the records
classification scheme. In this case we had an unmovable deadline to meet. It
worked. We met our deadline. We could access the needed records and identify
those that were past their retention period (once the disposition schedule
was approved).

Call me at (202) 305-3720 if you want to spend some time talking about this.


Ann Balough
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Hello everyone.  My name is Cindi LeMay and I'm a records manager with Pepe
& Hazard, LLC a Law Firm in Hartford.  I have recently been requested to
perform a fairly large task which will put me in some areas on unfamiliar

The job is actually multiple parts.  The first issue to be dealt with is to
review over 40 years worth of documentation being held in their storage
facility for auditing what they have, what they need and what can be
destroyed.  This is a very large construction company, they've kept all of
their records after each and every job, it appears that nothing has been
destroyed in the 40 years that they've been storing.  The yearly bill for
storage is in the area of $5 million per year, so we're talking about a lot
of materials.

My first question is, Is there anyone out there who has been faced with a
large (At this time I don't know how many boxes we're talking about, but
given their yearly expense, it must be a fairly substantial number)
categorization, auditing task AND would be willing to talk for a while??  I
have ideas on how to break this down into a "doable" project, but would love
to be able to discuss my thoughts with those of someone who has been there

The second part of this assignment will be to potentially create a Records
Retention and Destruction Policy.  As I said earlier, I'm with a Law Firm
and therefor some of the documents that I'll be working with in the
Construction area are going to be new to me.  Our firm does specialize in
Construction Litigation, but I am by no means an expert in the statutes for
all construction company documents (although heavy reading is certainly on
my list at the moment).  So if there's anyone out there from a Construction
Company environment any size,  and you'd be willing to talk to me , please
give me a call or e-mail.

Thank you all for any input you can give me.  This is truly a chance of a
lifetime for me and I'm very excited about the possibilities and the ability
to learn about a new area of records and information management.

Cindi LeMay
Pepe & Hazard
Hartford, CT
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