Good day,

Our team just had some hands on training with Kodak two weeks ago.  The
training concentrated on maintenance and how to fix common problems.  They
customized the day for us and I'm sure could do something for you.

We contacted Franca Napolitano at (416) 761-4905.  This is in Toronto so
you may want to just check the Kodak website for further info.

Paul Cormier

Our idea was to give the team more of an idea

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Subject:  Scanner Technical Training

Does anyone know of training that I can send my technical staff to that
would teach them the fundamentals of how scanners work, driver options, and
interfaces to applications?  We are beginning to use scanners in our
organization and have several brands (I know, no lectures about
standardization, I didn't pick them), but our technical support staff has
NO experience with scanning.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Robin Gibson
Manager, Planning, Development, and Court Automation
Office of State Courts Administrator
PO Box 104480
Jefferson City, MO  65110