Safety Online 01/30/01
Occupational health professional organizations hail new national privacy{361D988F-F6E6-1


But point out concerns that protections don't extend to all health records at
The long-awaited federal health privacy regulations recently announced by
former-president Clinton are a major step toward protecting personal health
and medical information. The new federal regulations announced today will
help address some major areas of individuals' concerns regarding privacy of
health information held by employers, according to the American Association
of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. (AAOHN) and American College of
Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). However, the protection of
specific health information used by employers - such as information collected
by occupational health professionals for wellness programs and for management
of occupational injuries and routine consultations at work - may not be

Dallas Morning News 01/31/01
Renewing the past: Dallas Public Library marks 100th year with request for

by Jenni Smith
There among the musty stacks of books, the young boy would escape to another
world, one that could be reached only through the pages of Treasure Island
and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
It is those lazy afternoons at the Dallas Public Library - and riding the
streetcars - that Darwin Payne remembers so fondly.
As a young boy growing up in the late 1940s, Mr. Payne would hop a trolley
from South Dallas to the old downtown library at Commerce and Harwood
streets. 01/31/01
Inspectors cite serious Library of Congress fire-safety problems

Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Library of Congress has severe fire safety problems
that not only threaten human life but leave some of the library's "most
valuable and irreplaceable collections" with the worst fire protection, a
congressional inspection shows.
A perfect copy of a Gutenberg Bible and Thomas Jefferson's personal library
are among the threatened treasurers. The Library houses one of the first
baseball trading cards, magician Harry Houdini's files, Adolf Hitler's book
collection and contents of Abraham Lincoln's pockets the night he was
assassinated. 01/31/01 (Thanks to Rich Wilson of Wyoming for the tip)
Judge gives OK for to destroy its customer list

by Linda Rosencrance
U.S. BANKRUPTCY JUDGE Carol Kenner has given defunct online toy retailer the green light to destroy its customer list.
In what should be the final chapter in the demise of the online retailer,
Kenner on Thursday approved a plan filed earlier this month by the Buena
Vista Internet Group, a subsidiary of Walt Disney that owns 60 percent of the
bankrupt company. The agreement called for Buena Vista to pay Toysmart
$50,000 to destroy the list.

Lansing State Journal 01/31/01
New department to promote arts, history

by Chris Andrews
Gov. John Engler will try to promote history and the arts when he calls for a
new state department in tonight's State of the State message.
Engler will announce plans to create the Department of History, Arts and
Engler is also expected to call for the consolidation of the state police and
the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs in a new facility.
The creation of the Department of History, Arts and Culture will bring
together a variety of agencies, including the Michigan Historical Center, the
Library of Michigan, the Mackinac Island State Park Commission, the state
archives and the Michigan Film Office, Engler spokesman John Truscott said
Tuesday. 01/29/01
Piranha database gobbles up images

Staff report
Data compression experts Piranha, Inc. have announced a new image archive and
search software product that utilize Piranha's compression technology. The
product will be released as a multi-platform solution later this year.
Piranha indicates that the new database product will incorporate JJT, Inc.'s
search and retrieval software -- the company was recently acquired by
Piranha. The database will sport a Java-based interface and will be suitable
for archival for print and publishing, financial, medical and entertainment
industries, and for e-commerce as well, according to Piranha.

The News Journal 01/31/01
Tree rings key to unlocking age of old house

by Robin Brown
Bear Bureau reporter
Employing a technique first used by Leonardo da Vinci, researchers will
examine tree growth rings to determine the age of a historic stone house in
Cecil County, Md.
Historians think the house was built as early as 1700 by John Hansson
Steelman, a Delaware colonist who helped build Old Swedes Church in
The house is the centerpiece of a planned historical interpretation center at
Elk Landing, where the Big and Little Elk creeks meet about six miles
southwest of Newark.
The center would offer visitors a glimpse into the nation's Colonial and
Federal periods.

Pollution online 01/31/01
Supermarkets: Better records of slips and falls will reduce liability claims,
improve safety{DA10E81B-F729-1


Although most supermarkets strive to maintain a clean, safe environment
through routine inspection practices, many are leaving themselves vulnerable
to slip/fall liability claims by not maintaining consistent records of their
efforts. Moreover, a lack of solid data on a store's hazard management
practices handicaps its ability to improve its safety performance.

The Commercial Appeal 01/31/01
Internet firms favor new federal privacy rules

by Lance Gay
Scripps Howard News Service
WASHINGTON - The days of the wild, wild Web could soon come to an end.
Internet industries have dropped their opposition to federal regulation and
now want Congress to pass a privacy bill allowing the government to marshal
With more than 300 privacy bills in state legislatures around the country,
the AeA - formerly the American Electronics Association - says it needs
Congress to set a national standard and allow federal regulation of the

Albuquerque Journal 01/31/01
Clerk's office changes tune

by Carolyn Appelman
A change in attitude.
That is what newly elected Sandoval County Clerk Victoria Dunlap says is the
most important change in the clerk's office since she took over nearly a
month ago.
"We have heard from a number of other people who have told us that they can
see a change in the attitude in this office," Dunlap said Tuesday. "Nobody
has quit; nobody has been fired. Now that they have met us, the staff is
relaxed and they are here because they want to be here."

Albuquerque Journal 01/31/01
Records request sparks dispute in T or C

by Tania Soussan
A Truth or Consequences city commissioner's recent request for bank
statements sparked a dispute over access to public records.
Commissioner Lois Reaver-Black said she asked the city finance director for
copies of city bank statements but met opposition from the city manager.
Reaver-Black said City Manager Sam Isom asked her why she wanted the records
and said in a memo that public records requests had to go through him.
"I was getting pretty tired of being treated like a fourth-class citizen,"
Reaver-Black said.

Star Tribune 01/31/01
Hatch asks court to order Blue Cross, Blue Shield to release data

by Ashley H. Grant
Associated Press
ST. PAUL (AP) -- Attorney General Mike Hatch asked a judge Wednesday to order
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota to release thousands of documents
relating to mental health claims of juveniles and young adults.
Hatch says the company violated state consumer and insurance laws by denying
mental health coverage to children suffering from mental illness, eating
disorders and chemical dependency.

San Francisco Chronicle 01/31/01
UCSF to establish tobacco documents archive


by Tanya Schevitz
UC San Francisco announced today it will establish a permanent Internet
archive of 40 million pages of once-secret tobacco industry documents and
develop a research center for study of the material with a $15 million gift
from the American Legacy Foundation.
The archive will ensure that the documents remain in the public domain after
2010, when a 1998 settlement with 46 state attorneys general permits the
tobacco industry to remove them from the Internet.

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Richmond, Va
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