Tim, thanks for updating us on your success from this disaster.  This is a
great story and I would encourage you to "write it up" for publication
submission to ARMA, Contingency Planning, or some other related publication.
You have shown great skill and creativity in solving a difficult problem.

Eve Frisell
Document and Records Specialist
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Putting Content...into Context

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Subject: freeze-drying records - belated thanks

Dear Listserv members:

Now that the holidays are behind us and everyone is back to the usual
drudgery, I finally have a chance to send a thank-you to those who responded
to my posting back in October.  Some of you may recall the story:  We had an
old inactive storage building that had been damaged from a hurricane two
years ago, but nobody told me until last summer.  By the time we removed our
records, they had been damaged to varying degrees by water, mold and bugs.
We put them in a refrigerated trailer (at 20 below zero) and were wondering
what to do next.

    I got several replies offering advice, links to articles on restoring
water-damaged records and references to companies that do this for a living.
After reading all the information, I contacted three of these companies by
e-mail.  Only one - Munters Moisture Control Services - responded, and
fortunately they have an office in New Orleans 90 minutes away.  (In light
of the recent discussion about slander, I won't mention the other two
companies.)  Their rep offered to take our records to one of their
facilities to dry and treat the whole batch (about 700 cubic-foot boxes).
The cost for these records, which had been there untouched for 15 - 25
years, was WAY beyond our budget, so they rented us the equipment and we
dried them ourselves.  It took us 6 weeks to dry them in batches of 50 boxes
at a time, finally finishing the Friday before Christmas.

    We still have to clean some of these records and put everything in order
before sending them to our contract storage facility, so we're not through
yet.  But I have learned a good bit with the help of the Listserv members,
and offer thanks, even though it's taken me a while to reply.

Tim Barnard
Land Records Clerk
Harrison County Chancery Clerk's Office
Gulfport, Mississippi
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