There are several good content management packages that can assist you with this.  Interwoven and Vignette are the two biggest and most well known.

These packages all you to create, store, and publish content at any given point in time.  In addition, they use versioning to capture previous content.

If you look at a content management package, it is really an archaic records management package.  They have file structures, creation, versioning and distribution.  One thing they do not have is retention capabilities.  I have contacted IRims, Trim and Foremost asking if they can integrate with content management and am waiting on responses.

I truly believe that the RIM profession must take a close look at content management and get involved in it.  IT acts like it is some grand new concept, but if you look at the meat of it, it is records management pure and simple.

With the new ARMA SIMI initiative, I am trying to champion the profession getting involved in content management.  If anyone has any experience in integrating it into your organization's information strategy, please let me know.

I hope this helps you in your plight.


John P. Frost, CRM
ARMA Board of Director-Elect
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I am trying to determine how those of you engaged in e-commerce are tracking
your web pages--in other words, how are you capturing your web pages at a
given point in time. If you are aware of products or methodologies that you
have utilized or know about please let me know.  If you prefer to contact me
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Paula Harris, CRM
Records & Documentation Manager