Call your local BAR Association. They can help you locate an attorney you can work with.

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I realize that some advice as was asked for but I sincerely hope that this
is not going to be another of those long drawn out discussions about

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Get an attorney to handle the paper work.

Having learned a lesson the hard way. A rule I follow is never do business
with relatives.


Wayne Duncan
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I am executor/personal representative for my parents' estate.  My Mother
the surviving spouse and died on December 10, 2000.  The estate consists of
a home (appraised at $125,000.00), and life insurance of about $6,000.00.
The life insurance does not cover funeral expenses and costs until the home
is sold.  All surviving children have low to middle-class incomes.

A niece and her (longtime) boyfriend have been approved for a loan to
purchase the home for $125,000.00 and the estate will gift them $7,000.00
they can make needed updates or changes.  I believe they are working (to
purchase the house) with a friend who's father is in the lending/mortgage

There are now several papers I need to sign to complete the contract.  I
understand that they needed to pay $20.00 to purchase these papers and the
friend helped them fill them out.  I have read the papers and they seem to
be OK.  I am not an attorney.  The closing date is to be February 26, 2001.

My question: do I need to hire an attorney?  If so, how do I find one that
can trust, will be able to work quickly, and will not charge me an arm and
leg.  I have checked with my siblings and none of us "has a lawyer".

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and all advice.

Patricia Dunlop
Mn/DOT MS 250
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David is right. The other point that needs to be raised is since this will
result in a settlement of an estate, it will be an objective opinion that
brings knowledge  the law to the table.
Since you have family doing "business" , there are always matters that
for someone coming  out ahead of another one. Thus, hard feelings surface.
Since there are no real commissions or agents involved here, this is a
simple sale of real property, I would definitely shop a real estate
attorney. Contingent upon where you live, some may be as inexpensive as
And, don't forget to request for you and your cousin copies of the
preliminary and final  closing statements in advance of the closing so
everyone knows how much they are going to need to bring to closing or come
away from the table with.  Good luck!

JoAnn Constantini
former real estate agent- No. Carolina Real Estate Comm.

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Would you consider surgery without a doctor?  Please don't be offended.
just trying to point out the risk.  Yes, do procure the services of a
reputable attorney.  You stand to lose too much without that protection.
Legal costs in this case could be viewed as an investment in your future.
am not an attorney.  Don't try to save a few bucks with something of this
magnitude.  That's my opinion.

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