* Total number of users subscribed to the list: 400  !!!!!

Quite a red-letter day!  Just over six months and we have our 400th
subscriber.  I asked for his "qualifications"  for an introduction to the
rest of you, I am glad to say that he is not only a Floridian
but also a full fledged birder.  :-)   When I asked him for some
background information, this is what he wrote:

1. David Wilcox

2. Bradenton, Florida

3. Native Floridian, but I have lived all over the world as my father
was in the military and I had my tenure there as well.

4. I am a lawyer and have been so for about 20 years.

5. I received a BS and JD from FSU. Bobby Bowden has been a
friend of mine for years.

6. I have been a birder since forever but probably knowingly since
early Boy Scout days. I have a birding life list that includes many entries
from my travels.

7. I have participated in bird counts several times and am on a
personal quest to find a green woodpecker during my next visit to Gt. Britain.

8. I live near a river and the Gulf of Mexico and as such see a nice
mix of shore birds as well as everything else.

9. I'm married and have a son (10) who is already started on his life
list. We often go afield together with his grandfather who is an avid birder
as well. There are many, many more riveting and interesting things to tell
about me, but I will spare you the details. I am glad to be number 400 and
look forward to enjoying the list.


And cheers! to you, David, and to FLORIDABIRDS-L!

Barbara Passmore