Dear FloridaBirders.

It's time to start looking very carefully at vulture flocks...

I just received a videotape from a biologist in the Keys. He observed a
Zone-tailed Hawk (Buteo albonotatus) for 2 hours over an inaccessible island
12 Dec 2000 west of Key West that is part of the Key West National Wildlife
Refuge. (For you newbies to the list, this is the first report for Florida).

The Florida Ornithological Society Records Committee is responsible for
judging the identification and likely origin of the bird, and I won't
"scoop" them with an ID here. But the videotape is pretty awesome, with
repeated views of the bird soaring low, including numerous looks at the
banded tail.

This obviously isn’t a hotline bird – the Refuge may be off-limits for all I
know – but it should make us all look carefully at “vultures” from now on.

Just thought you’d like to hear about the bird.

Best regards,


Bill Pranty
Brandon, Florida
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