Wow.  It sounds like an episode from the X Files.  It is a mystery, but I
will tell you what I know.
On friday, 2/2/01, the Flamingo ranger station received a call at about 4pm
from a fisherman who had seen "buzzards" in the water ~1 mile west of Sandy
Key.  We responded at about 4:30, but it took a while to get there since we
had to stop for a boating violation, and a separate resource violation.  By
5:30 we were on the scene, where we found 65 Turkey Vultures floating in the
water, resembling a very loose raft of ducks.  At least 50 were already
dead, the rest were in bad shape.  We took several photographs, water
samples, and randomly selected 2 of the birds for necropsy.  We also made
the observation that the weather was unusual - extremely calm water, no
wind, and fog approaching from the gulf.
That is all I know, and I was there.  The samples have been sent on for
analysis, and I will post the results when I get them.

CJ Grimes, Park Ranger
Everglades National Park

original message...
Last week end (now the one before last) a park employee told of a TV kill
of nearly eighty birds or so in the water about 10 miles of Rock Reef
(ENP).  He said no reason had been determined at the time.  On the way home
a friend from Tierra Verde, FL, called and asked if I had heard anything of
a "buzzard" kill off ENP.  He said the word going around was that officials
used over doses of mosquito killing chemicals, choosing to apply heavier
doses rather than the recommended dosage over a longer period of time, to
save time.  In other words, use one big dose instead of several smaller
ones.  This call from my friend was unsolicited, and coincidental.

Has anyone heard of this happening?  Have I missed something?  Anyone have
the real info?

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL

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