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* Date 2 Feb 2001
* FLFL0102.02

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This is Charlie Ewell reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert for 2/2/01. This
report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers two April and two
May tours to the Dry Tortugas and several South Florida tours, as well as
private guiding. For information go to or
call 407-363-1360. Reports are followed by coordinates from the DeLorme
Florida Atlas & Gazatteer and the page number of Bill Prantyís ABA guide ďA
Birderís Guide to FloridaĒ when possible. To leave a report, press any key
now and begin speaking after the tone. The next update will be on 2/9/01 or
when there is new information.

Ruddy Shelduck (exotic)
White-tailed Kite
Short-tailed Hawk
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Wilsonís Warbler
Painted Bunting
Song Sparrow

At Jacksonville Beach, RED-THROATED LOONS continue to be seen flying
offshore, mostly during the mornings at 16th Ave South and other locations
along the beach (reported by Noel Wamer).  DeLorme p. 58, B1

At Huguenot Memorial City Park (Wardís Bank) in Jacksonville, up to 6
LAPLAND LONGSPURS continue as of 31 Jan.  The best place to start looking is
the original area  found at the northernmost point of the dunes.  If the
longspurs are not present, they have also been seen a short distance up the
ocean side of the dunes along the edge of the sea oats, and occasionally,
they are as far south as the cut through to the beach.   (reported by Giff
Beaton et al.fide Roger Clark).   DeLorme p. 58, A1; Pranty p. 99

At Deland, two Ruddy Shelducks (exotic) have been coming and going to a pond
during the past week.  Go north on 17-92 in Deland.  Turn right one block
after 92 splits off toward Daytona [Old Daytona road].  You will be behind a
Kmart and Publix.  As you get to the end of the shopping center look to the
left and you will see the pond.  Turn left on Patterson Ave and go down to
the dome with a realtor's sign on the left. You can park there and walk down
to the pond (report and directions by Sara Nabors).

At Cocoa, the CASSINíS KINGBIRD was relocated 31 Jan near Lake Poinsett
(reported by Dot Freeman and Joie Clifton).  Take Hwy 520 off of I95 (exit
75).  Head west and almost immediately turn south on Tucker Lane.  Travel
south on Tucker Lane for over a mile.  Just before the road become dirt,
turn right on Providence Rd.  Head west down Providence Rd until the paved
road makes a left.  When the paved road makes a left it becomes Mullet Lane.
  This is the intersection where the Cassinís Kingbird was sighted.
Previously, the bird had been seen down the dirt road that continues
straight.  DeLorme p. 88, A1

At Sanibel Island, an immature HEERMANNíS GULL has been seen at various
locations along the beach this week (reported by Don Stokes).  There is no
single location to report.  The gull has been seen as west as Blind Pass
(the pass between Sanibel and Captiva Island) and as east as the Holiday Inn
at the end of Donax St.  That stretch of beach covers approximately 10
miles. Areas between those two points with reported sightings are Bowmanís
Beach and the West Wind Inn.  Beach access with public parking (.75 per
hour) include from east to west: Sanibel Lighthouse area at the eastern (to
the left entering the island from the causeway) end of  Periwinkle Way;
Gulfside City Park at the end of Algiers Lane off Casa Ybel Rd; Tarpon Bay
Rd; Bowmanís Beach at the end of Bowmanís Beach Rd off Sanibel Captiva Rd;
and a small lot at Blind Pass on the western (far) side of the bridge over
the pass.  DeLorme p. 110, A2; Pranty p. 191 (map)

At Everglades National Park in Flamingo, the YELLOW-FACED GRASSQUIT was seen
again Friday, 2 Feb, at Eco Pond about 1/4 way around the pond to the right.
  It has been seen lately from the area of the small viewing platform to the
small concrete bridge farther along the path.  Other birds of note from the
past week: Wilson's Warbler (at the entrance to Eco Pond), LESSER NIGHTHAWKS
(at dusk), Song Sparrow, Painted Bunting, Short-tailed Hawk, and
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Eco Pond, a GREATER FLAMINGO at the end of
Snake Bight Trail, White-tailed Kites (seen from the main road between
Mahogany Hammock and Paurotis Pond), and a number of warblers from various

There is a fee to enter the park on SR-9336 out of Florida City. Take this
road all the way to Flamingo and Eco Pond.  DeLorme p. 121, C2; Pranty p.

Good Birding!

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Charlie Ewell
Arlyne Salcedo
Cape Coral, FL
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