[Since this applies to both LISTSERVs, FLORIDABIRDS-L and GABO-L, I am
sending this as a joint post.)


If you haven't experienced this or something like it already, you can be
assured it will.  Be prepared.

I received a message when I got home last night telling me that no
digest had been received by a subscriber in the last two days.  I checked
the subscription information and found it okay, and  so wrote the subscriber.
In only a few seconds that message had bounced.  What does this tell me?
Actually, it told me I was going to write the Postmaster of the "bouncing"
and tell it:  Fix your server.

Nine times out of ten the subscriber's server is not working properly or
is just limping along.  The messages you are sending may appear to be
going out properly, in a usual fashion, but may be only going to the holding
location for later transmission.  Often you will think it is your computer, and
even if you call the server, whoever answers the phone may not know what is
happening.  The server never wants to admit failure and will make you jump
through hoops checking your connections, etc., only to conclude that it must
be your mailer (they never seem to be familiar with my mailer for some reason).

To check to see if you server is working, the easiest thing to do is to go
to Jack
Siler's site:  http://Birdingonthe.web/birdmail/  and look up the list --
he calls
FLORIDABIRDS-L "FloridaBirds-L" and GABO-L is called "Georgia".  The new
great thing about Jack's page is he is a subscriber just like you and me.
He gets his mail to these lists, just as you and I get them.  If he gets them,
you can be pretty sure, the problem is your server.  Of course, DIGEST works
a little differently, being delivered only once a day at about 3:30 A.M.  If
timely messages are coming into Jack's page, and you don't get digest,
the same is true.  It is your server that is the problem.  Let your server
You will then be armed with the information that your server is getting the
messages, but  is not processing them on to you.  It is a delivery problem
and your server is not delivering. While at Jack's page, you can read
the messages you have missed, however.  You are actually going through
the Internet to reach Jack's page and unless hie is having a delivery
problem it will not be dependent on your server, that is, you will not
be dependent on your own server to get this information.

Another way to check is one I haven't explained to you yet and that is
through the internet connection to the archives.  I will explain that soon.

To my knowledge, FLBRDS has not been down since it was started, and I
don't remember any problem with GABO either.  Remember there are live
people manning these LISTSERV servers and they are anxious to keep it
going because many of their lists deal with serious studies of the
universities and we are there only at their pleasure (not that birds are
not serious, but we are just a guest).

Another thing to be aware of is that when messages start coming in, they
come in using the LIFO method (remember the tax acronym for LAST IN,
FIRST OUT?).  That is, the newest messages (the ones on top of the heap)
are the first to go out from the server and be received by you once it begins
working again.    In severe cases, it may be days before the oldest
messages are received by you.  There is really nothing you can do about
that. Just be glad the plug is finally going to go away.

If you have any questions about these instructions, please write me

Barbara Passmore