* Florida
* Peninsular Florida from Leon County south to Monroe County
* Date 23 Feb 2001
* FLFL0102.23

-Birds mentioned:
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Great Black-backed Gull
CUBAN PEWEE (possible)

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This is Charlie Ewell reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert for 2/23/01.
This report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers two April and
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as private guiding.  For information go to
or call 407-363-1360.  Reports are followed by coordinates from the DeLorme
Florida Atlas & Gazatteer and the page number of Bill Pranty’s ABA guide “A
Birder’s Guide to Florida” when possible.  To leave a report, press any key
now and begin speaking after the tone.  The next update will be on 3/2/01 or
when there is new information.

At St Marks NWR, up to three WHITE-FACED IBIS were present on 17 Feb in
Mounds Pool #1 (reported by Lyn Atherton).  On 18 Feb, after none were
located at this site, at least one White-faced Ibis was relocated by driving
a little farther toward the lighthouse and hiking the short dike separating
Mounds Pools 1 and 2 and ending in a "T" with a view eastward into Mounds
Pool #3.  Its eye and facial skin were bright red; there was no white on the
face (reported by Brad Bergstrom).

A VERMILION FLYCATCHER is present at the first boat ramp on the right after
you come in the refuge.  It was in the willows about 200' at 2:00 from the
end of the ramp (reported by Ken Allen).  DeLorme p. 50, D3; Pranty p.78

At Lake Miccosukee, at least one of the WHITE-TAILED KITE pair is still
present as of 17 Feb.  Two vantage points to see out onto the lakebed are
from the boat ramp at Rococo Rd east of Magnolia Rd (on the west side of the
lake) - there was a chain across the road right before the "ramp".  The
other is to follow "West Lake Road" (on the NE side of the lake) south from
CR 142 to the 90 degree turn to the east and then follow the trail to the SW
down to the Boat ramp - shown on DeLorme  p.35.  There is a trail along the
eastern edge of the lakebed south to Pine Island, but 4-wheel drive is
recommended here. (report by Brad Bergstrom).  Delorme p. 35, D2

At Jacksonville Beach, 32 RED-THROATED LOONS  were seen 18 Feb off 16th
Avenue South from 7:40 to 8:50 am (reported by Noel Wamer).  DeLorme p. 58,

At Fort Desoto County Park, the HEERMANN’S GULL was relocated on 22 Feb at
the north tip of the park.  To get to Ft. DeSoto, take CR 679 south of St.
Petersburg to the park.  Stop at the park headquarters for a map and
sightings info (reported by Ranger Dan fide Lyn Atherton).  DeLorme p. 90,
D3; Pranty pp. 126-130

At the Pompano Beach Landfill area, a GLAUCOUS GULL was seen again 21 Feb.
Take I-95 to the Sample Rd. exit and go west to Powerline Rd.  Turn right
(north) and drive past the entrance to the landfill and Green Rd.  It is
often found rafting with many other gulls on a lake located a little north
of the landfill entrance on the west side of Powerline Rd.  On the south
side of the lake is Supermix Concrete and on the north side are apartments.
Turn into the north side of United Rentals/Supermix Concrete -- which is on
the western side of the road.  There is a small parking area on the right at
the edge of the wall.  The lake can be viewed from that corner.  You can get
closer by walking along the lakeside of the wall to scope the gulls.  An
area that should be checked if the Glaucous Gull is not present is the lake
located behind the buildings directly across the street (east) from the
parking area just mentioned.  The third area to check is an office building
located on the eastern side of Hertz Rental Sales on Sample Rd., just before
the eastern side of the intersection with Powerline Rd.  Go into the parking
lot and park in the corner of the lot where there is a construction trailer
on the other side of the fence.  Look for a large pile of fill behind the
trailer next to a rock pit.  The Glaucous Gull was seen on the ground on the
backside of the pile on 12 Feb.  Greater Black-backed and Lesser
Black-backed Gulls are also present.  DeLorme p. 115, B2; Pranty p.216 (map)

At Fern Forest Nature Center, a MACGILLIVARY’S WARBLER has been reported
since 22 Feb.  Exit I-95 at Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano Beach and go west to
Lyon's Road.  You will need to turn left (south) at Lyon's Rd, however, you
cannot make a direct left turn.  You need to keep to the right on Atlantic
and make a cloverleaf turn from Atlantic onto Lyon's.  There are signs
directing traffic to southbound Lyon's Rd. - just follow the signs.  Fern
Forest is only a few blocks south of Atlantic and the entrance is on the
west side of Lyon's.  At the west end of the only parking lot there is a
sign reading "authorized vehicles only".  The warbler was last seen in the
weeds and brush just to the north of this sign (reported by Wally George).
Fern forest opens at 8:00 AM and there is no entrance fee.  DeLorme p. 115,

At Everglades National Park in Flamingo, no GREATER FLAMINGOES were present
at low tide on 18 Feb (reported by David Simpson).  There is a fee to enter
the park on SR-9336 out of Florida City. Take this road all the way to
Flamingo and Eco Pond.  DeLorme p. 121, C2; Pranty p. 234

At Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site, a possible CUBAN PEWEE was seen
16 Feb along the paved drive leading to the Nature Trail. The exact site was
about 200 feet beyond the end of the divided (paved) section of the old
road/drive.  The bird was not relocated on 21 Feb.  Take CR-905 north from
US-1 (0.4 miles) or south from Card Sound Road (8.6 miles) to the Port
Bougainville entrance on Key Largo (reported by Bob Quinn).  DeLorme p. 123,
C1; Pranty p. 247

At both Islamorada and Bahia Honda State Park, a possible TROPICBIRD SPECIES
was reported.  On 4 Feb off the beach behind the Chesapeake Resort in
Islamorada (approximately Mile Marker 84), the bird was observed soaring
alone and described to have had very long tail feathers.  On 8 Feb a similar
bird was observed over the shore area on the far beach west on the main road
(the beach with two picnic areas and a bathhouse).  This bird was also
soaring, although this time with some terns and was also described with the
same long tail (reported by David Hultgren).  Islamorada: DeLorme p. 123,
D2; Bahia Honda State Park: DeLorme p. 124, C2; Pranty p. 255.

Good Birding!

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