I have it on very good authority that a Yellow-breasted Chat of the
Western subspecies (Icteria virens auricollis) was banded today 2/24/01
at the Corkscrew Sanctuary in Collier County by Dr. Jerry Jackson of the
Florida Gulf Coast University. This bird was originally banded one week
ago and rebanded today. Steveson and Anderson in "The Birdlife of
Florida" (1994) state: "All specimens of chats taken in Florida and
identified to subspecies belong to the eastern U.S. race (I.v. virens),
but 1 from just across the line in Georgia was identified as I.v.
auricollis." (p.602)

So my question is, have there been any other western subspecies of this
bird ever recorded in Florida?

Vincent Lucas

(Note to Dick B: No need to comment to this one ;>)