In our recent trip to Florida, my husband and I saw the following species
at Lake Kissimmee State Park. There aren't many "spectacular" species, but
for those contemplating a visit to this area I found  it worthwhile. It is
found north of Route 60 in the center of the state and west of Three Lakes
Wildlife Management area. The Great Florida Birding Trail guide was helpful
in identifying this site. (February 21)

Right at the gate entrance:
scrub jay
northern bobwhite
several Eastern towhees
white-eyed vireos
brown thrasher

Along the trail:
bald eagle
crested caracara
turkey vulture
northern flicker
scrub jay (landed on my hand!)
Eastern bluebird
blue jay
Eastern phoebe
mourning dove
american crow
fish crow
American kestrel
Carolina Wren


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