Hello again,

Thank you to everyone that has provided me with information so far.  Our
trip is shaping up to be pretty awesome.  I didn't think most of the
breeders in the Dry Tortugas were present yet, but I've been told that
they are.  So we're now looking into doing a one-day trip out there.  I
was wondering if anyone had recommendations about the best way to do this.
 We're looking into a couple different ferry services.  Unfortunately, the
Yankee Fleet website is not working for us right now, so I can't look into
their specifics.  Does it only visit Garden Key like the Sunny Days trip?
How long does their trip stay?  And concerning either trip only to Garden
Key:  What specialties can we expect to see if only traveling to Garden
Key?  I've gotten the impression that Sooty Tern and Magnificent
Frigatebird (assuming they have arrived by March 7 or so?) will be easy
because they nest on Bush Key nearby, but what about noddies (I know Black
is rare anyway) and boobies?  Also, when do Roseate Terns arrive?  Thanx
again for any more info!  Good birding!

Nicholas Block
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Wiess College, Rice University
Houston, TX

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