I sent a post about my birding adventures last Sunday, but thanks to
Hotmail, it never got to Floridabirds-L.  Forgive me if the original post
ends up on the list, too...

Anyway, on Sunday (2/25) I went to check on the previously reported
flycatchers around Apopka/Zellwood.  I was at the Lust Rd. gate from 7:30 to
9:00 AM -- missed the Brown-crested Flycatcher, but the White-crowned
Sparrows were still there.  I also saw a single Barn Swallow.

I then went over to the Duda gate to look for the Vermilion Flycatcher.  I
spotted it immediately to the west of the parking area.  I got my scope on
it, but then I noticed a bird next to it that looked the same and was the
same size.  At first I thought I made a mistake and was actually looking at
some mockingbirds.  Then I saw that both birds had pinkish undertail coverts
and lower flanks -- there's two Vermilions there.  I don't know if both had
been reported, but it was new to me.

(I've attached directions to these spots from Tom Rodriguez and David
Simpson to the end of this message.)

Today (2/28), Bubba Scales convinced me to get up too early to check on the
Henslow's Sparrows at Doe Lake on Ocala NF (Marion Co.).  I met him there
around 7 AM (I was late).  Almost immediately, we heard several call notes
that had a waxwing-like trill.  Then we saw the birds making those calls
flying around and landing on the tall grass, forbs, etc.  They were _all_
Henslow's.  In the next hour, we got looks at about 10 Henslow's, including
one bird that gave us great views for about 5 minutes before dropping back
into the grass.  I'd guess there were probably about 20 or so there.  We got
good looks at 2 or 3 LeConte's Sparrows, too.  It was insane.  There was
also Savannah and Swamp Sparrows there (yawn).  The birds settled down and
were quiet by 8 AM.

John Puschock
Eustis, Lake Co.


Lust Rd. Brown-crested Flycatcher:
take CR-437 2.3 miles south of 441 to Lust
Road.  Turn right and continue until you reach gate.
Bird was seen inside and outside the gate on the left.
Also seen inside of gate on the right.
DeLorme 79: C-2

Vermilion Flycatchers:
Below are directions from Dave Simpson's post of 2/8:
>same Vermillion flycatcher
>(female/imm.) was at the Duda gate.  If you continue
>west on Jones Rd past
>the headquarters you will come to CR448A/SR48.  Turn
>left and continue
>straight where SR48 turns right to Astatula.  The
>road dead ends at the Duda
>gate.  You are not allowed to enter the area, but
>like Lust Rd., you can
>bird form the entrance.  The flycatcher is to the
>right in the trees and low
Delorme 79:C2

Doe Lake Henslow's Sparrows:
The sparrows are in the grassy area on the northwest side of Doe Lake, which
is located along FR 573 in the southwest corner of Ocala NF.  Contact me if
you want better directions.

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