Hi Dick et al.,

I agree with Gene Stoccardo that the bird is a Black Skimmer. Cinday and
Kurt Radamaker and I disussed the ID last night. The bird is missing its
head and wings, which makes it look much smaller than it is. I do think the
red visible on the "left" side of the bird is a leg. The tail pattern fits
nicely with skimmer, as does the black above/white below plumage.

Best regards,


Bill Pranty
Brandon, Florida
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"Observers ... need to cultivate an interest in the condition of the record
of field ornithology in Florida. Otherwise, bird study tends to become more
oral tradition and tribal legend than organized science." - William B.
Robertson, Jr. and Glen E. Woolfenden, from "Florida Bird Species: An
Annotated List (1992).

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