Dear FloridaBirders,

Paul Bithorn's post about the Tropical/Couch's Kingbird at Mahogany Hammock,
Everglades NP is worth investigating. If the bird is a Couch's, and if its
call notes can be recorded on audio- or video-tape, then it could add a new
species to the verifiable Florida bird list. There are two verifiable
records of Tropical Kingbird in Florida, but none of Couch's.

Best regards,

Bill Pranty
Brandon, Florida
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“We also hope that the emphasis we place on verifiable evidence and
published accounts will stimulate Florida birders of all degree to seek and
preserve the best possible supporting documentation and to publish their
important observations. ... Observers ... need to cultivate an interest in
the condition of the record of field ornithology in Florida. Otherwise, bird
study tends to become more oral tradition and tribal legend than organized

From the Introduction of "Florida Bird Species: An Annotated List (1992) by
William B. Robertson, Jr. and Glen E. Woolfenden. (Two of the original Bird
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