Hi, FloridaBirders,

You know by now that I like to take pictures with my digital camera through a
telescope.  It is almost the only way, in spite of having a 7.5 zoom on the
to get a digital picture of a bird any distance away.

I posted a message once about how to set up a file on your server and transfer
pictures there, as standalone files (that is, not HTML files) but in .jpeg
(or .jpg)
format which is almost universally accepted.  No connection to a webpage has
to be done whatsoever and it is just a stand-alone file in the space
allocated to
you by your server. Most ISP or server accounts come with an allocated amount
of space for your use and, sadly, it is often never used.

Recently, Bill Pranty has contended that since FLORIDABIRDS-L does not
allow attachments, there is no way to see pictures on the list.  He is
I can send you a picture from my own server as can each of you if you have
any such space (and a digital picture, of course)

Here, I want to make certain that you understand that I am *not* saying
don't send pictures to Kurt Radamaker's FLORIDABIRDS-L website.  Do that
by all means, if you wish.  Just to broaden your understanding of the
however, I am writing this message.

Background of my example:  On 1-30-01, Lilla Kate Hart and I went to see a
or alleged (whatever word you want to use for unverified sightings) Vermillion
Flycatcher near Valdosta GA.  Sightings had already been made by
outstanding Georgia birders and which will not be verified until the Records
  Committee of Georgia says so).  Several of the birders, Brad Bergstrom,
Jim Flynn, et al.,  are excellent photographers, most using traditional
of picture taking, some with mixed combinations.  Yet, I still tried for
I was so sure I didn't get the bird, it was so little and the distance so
far for
the setup, that it was two days before I even checked what I got, by
the few pictures to my computer.  I was extremely surprised to get a couple
of pictures in which I could recognize the bird.  Since no one else had posted
their pictures, I posted one of mine as an URL to GABO-L.

I post it here for informational purposes (it is not a Florida bird).

Although not a perfect picture, yet it shows field marks and would be
worthy  at least of being submitted to the Records Committee.  Bear in
mind that it is not on a webpage (which cannot be guaranteed to last forever),
yet it is accessible by any person (so long as I keep it in the remote file).

Now to the crux of the matter.  All such pictures transmitted by URLs can
be copied by the viewer (one reason for putting ownership information
on the pictures) onto the viewer's computer.  The picture so obtained is
equal to the picture sent, just as in an attachment. To keep it on your
own computer, is simple.

All you have is open the URL by clicking on it,  then on the picture,or
even a picture you see on a website, is place your cursor on the picture,
and it will bring up a menu.  To place it on your own computer, choose
SAVE AS...,click on it and another menu will come up for you to give the
file a name you desire, save it and then it is on your own computer.

Anyone, such as Bill Pranty, can thus capture the photograph for more
lengthy study, and keep it for any reports on which it is based.

Every picture you see via computer is after all a digital picture and that is
why you have to scan them to get them in a format acceptable to
computer transmission.

Practice on my picture.  Once you have it on your computer, you can
use Windows or other software to enlarge, etc.  But remember to
respect the owner's rights.  That is, ask before using it for any other
purpose than viewing it, and use it otherwise for only the purpose for which
permission is given.

Not long ago I saw a picture of a swan on a page about swans.  it was
my picture.  Indeed credit was given although I had not been asked.
I was flattered enough that I didn't object and probably would have given
it anyway, but I could write and have it removed.

I copy each picture on Stephane's quiz and play around with it (just
for my own use).  I print it in color, I enlarge it, etc.  For that I don't
to have permission, but if I were to include it in my own page, that would
not be allowed.

So, in final response, I think you will understand why this list doesn't
have to have attachments, especially of pictures.

Barbara Passmore