When we last heard from our bird adventurer, he was misidentifying a
Warbling vireo, opting for the more likely Bell's vireo.  D'oh!!

I decided to head straight to Palm Beach County to use the last hours of
daylight to search out more rare and interesting birds and see more new
places.  At the Broward / Palm Beach County line I headed for the Holey
Land.  There are three Wildlife Management Areas along this road so I hoped
to manage a few rare birds.  I didn't have much time to hit all the spots
along the long road that looked interesting, but I did spy a few spots to
check for Short-eared at dusk.  I poked around at a few likely spots and
found a couple of Grasshopper sparrows and an empidonax flycatcher that was
probably a Least.  It had a short primary projection, was very active
(pumping its tail) and had a white throat.

The most interesting bird of the day was heard, not seen at dark (about
1830) in a cane field along the main road.  I was set up about six miles
from US27 looking east across a cut over cane field, hoping to get a
Short-eared owl.  From the uncut cane field to my left came the strangest
sound.  When I first heard it, I thought it was a Limpkin.  When I heard it
better, I thought, "What the heck is that?!?"  It sounded like some sort of
game bird, something like a cross between a Limpkin and a Peafowl.  The
calls started with a two-syllabled "oo-AHH" and then developed into a "cup
boo AHH"  after a few minutes.  The bird was apparently moving through the
dense cane.  I know that Black francolins have been introduced in the Belle
Glade area not too far from here in the past, could this be a recent
introduction?  The calls I heard do not at all match the descriptions of
Black francolins' calls I found in Sibley or Stevenson and Anderson.

My question(s) to you all, does anyone have information on what may be
running around the cane fields in PB County?  Any idea what this bird may

David Simpson
Sebastian, FL
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