Yesterday C. J. Crimes and I and several other people saw a Bell's Vireo
at the entrance to Eco Pond.  The bird was feeding in the Brazilian
Pepper trees on the left side before you enter the boardwalk.  We were
standing in the parking area looking at it.  This is the Eastern race of
Bell's Vireo.

A note to David Simpson: look on page 291 in Ken Kaufman's "Birds of
North America" this has a good photo of this Eastern race of Bell's
Vireo.  It is the bird on the left, the less gray one.  I have never
seen the Western race in Florida.  The picture is better than the
illustrations in most field guides and less confusing.

Also seen at Eco pond:

Virginia Rail
2- maybe more, calling Least Flycatchers, one on the back side of Eco
pond and one near the entrance to Eco Pond.
Dark and light Morph Short-tailed Hawk, over the marina area.
Swamp Sparrow
Cedar Waxwing
American Robin
Pink Ibis, mixed in with all of the White Ibis.
Glossy Ibis
Did not see any Kingbirds at Mahogany Hammock.

Also, the Yellow-faced Grassquit has not been seen since Sunday.  It
arrived with a Cold Front and seems to have left with one!

Larry Manfredi
Homestead, Fl.
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