Dear Scott and all FLORIDABIRDS subscribers:

  First of all, let me state for the record that in posting this note my
  intentions are to make what I feel is an appropriate response to a
  that went out to all 400 of us. I swear on a stack of Peterson field
  guides, on the lives of my children, & all that I hold dear, that I,
  no way shape or form, have any intention of hurting anybody's
  I wish only to be HELPFUL, not hurtful.

  Re: Bob Wallace's note of Feb. 9th alluded to in the below note. The
  of the matter, in my opinion, is that it would have been a good idea
  Bob to have mentioned the name of the county, & maybe the approxamate
  number of miles, & in what direction from the nearest town or city to
  kite sighting. I think that most of us would have considered his doing
  that, to have been helpful rather than verbose, I know I would have.
  the other hand, Bob did give the name of the lake in the title of his
post,          and the DeLorme atlas page number, (35). I was able to
find the two spots
  that Bob described when I looked in my own atlas. Therefore I
  maybe incorrectly, that you do not own a Florida Atlas & Gazetteer. If
  indeed you (or any other subscribers to the list), do not have a copy
of this
  book, you need to be made awaire of the fact that other than
  a good field guide, Bill Pranty's Birders Guide to Florida, & a
  Barrel map, the DeLorme Atlas is the most important tool a Florida
  has. And, as a FLORIDABIRDS subscriber it is an absolute NECESSITY,
  only for locating other peoples sightings, but for reporting your own.
  I do not own stock in the DeLorme company, & am in no way being
  by that company, or any other in the state of Maine.

  Wes Biggs

Scott Merrill wrote:
> Mr. Wallace,
>   Forgive me for asking, but where is Pine Island and how may I get there?
> White-Tailed Kites would be a life bird for me!!  Thank you very much for
> any help!
> Scott Merrill
> Temple Terrace, Florida
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> Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 10:45 PM
> > The pair of White-tailed Kites were seen again on Friday 2/9 at 3pm,
> > foraging over the western side of the marsh across from Pine Island.  They
> > were first seen below the tree canopy level, with their white plumage and
> > rapid wing-beats indeed looking tern- or small gull-like at a distance.
> > They then soared up high over the canopy, and were harder to see, in
> > silhouette.  They dove at each other and flew near each other for the 20
> > minutes I watched them - could they possibly be preparing to nest in the
> > area?
> >
> > The best 2 vantage points to see out onto the lakebed are from the boat
> ramp
> > at Rococo Rd east of Magnolia Rd (on the W side of the lake) - there was a
> > chain across the road right before the "ramp".  The other is to follow
> "West
> > Lake Road" (on the NE side of the lake) S from CR 142 to the 90 degree
> turn
> > to the E and then follow the trail to the SW down to the Boat ramp - shown
> > on DeLorme atlas P35.  There is a drivable trail along the eastern edge of
> > the lakebed south to Pine Island, but 4-wheel drive is recommended - it
> was
> > wet and mushy between the mainland and Pine Island.  The birds were seen
> by
> > standing on the tailgate of the truck to get enough elevation to see out
> > over the marsh.  Thanks to Brad Bergstrom for good directions!
> >
> > Lots of other raptors - Bald Eagle, Kestrels, TVs, tons of Harriers, many
> > Red-tails and Red-shoulders, and a larger unidentified buteo.
> >
> > Bob Wallace
> > Alachua
> >


 Wes Biggs
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