I went to the Orlando Wetlands Park this morning to try and get some photos
(per Bill's instructions) of the Gull-billed Terns that were there last
weekend. Naturally, someone forgot to notify the terns to show up for the
photo session, but I did find a male Wilson's Warbler at the edge of one of
the impoundments.  He came out briefly to fuss at me so I got a nice close
up look at him.  He apparently decided that I was more of a nuisance than a
threat and disappeared back into the wax myrtles but popped back out again a
short distance farther down the trail, then disappeared and did not come
back out.

The White-throated Sparrows are still at the entrance gate to the south side
impoundments and I saw one Purple Martin checking out the nesting cavities
in the dead palms.  Hopefully, the rest of the martins will show up and take
up residence again before the starlings take over all the cavities.

Also seen were two adult Bald Eages, White Pelicans, American Bittern, King
Rail, Sora, both Night-herons, three Orange-Crowned Warblers in one wax
myrtle and several Chipping Sparrows, along with the usual stuff for the

For directions to the park check out
or find them in Bill's book.

Cheri Pierce
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