Glossy Ibis have brown eyes in all plumages, & White-faced have red
  in all plumages.

  Wes Biggs

Ken Allen wrote:
> I'm sorry to be posting this late, but my motel did not
> have a telephone line to the rooms. I spent Sunday at
> St. Mark's. I was hoping to see the Vermilion Flycatcher,
> and the White-fronted Geese. Missed the Geese and
> got the Flycatcher. While at the Flycatcher location I turned
> around and scoped the water on the opposite side of the
> road. There I found an Eared Grebe. Farther down toward
> the lighthouse there was a small flock of Glossy Ibis. Looking
> through them I noticed one with red eyes. Can anyone tell
> me  if it is possible to have a Glossy with red eyes?
> I looked for the Eared Grebe later in the day and refound it
> in the same area. I posted both birds, with locations, in the
> sightings log at the visitor's center.
> Ken Allen
> Temple Terrace, FL
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 Wes Biggs
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