I checked out the Dripper Pond Cam and the associated species list.  I
think the most impressive thing is your warbler list (although the
Cooper's hawk is certainly a good bird).

Michael Meisenburg
Archer, FL

Noel Wamer wrote:

> The beach has been socked in with fog for the past three days so
> seawatching has not been possible.  Instead of spending the extra time
> doing something useful like finishing the new raised planter I started
> last
> week, I decided to do something entirely useless...
> Several years ago I built a large (6'X4') in-ground bird bath with a
> dripper and mister.  The Dripper Pond is at the edge of the undeveloped
> part of our lot, and it has been extremely attractive to birds.  Seventy
> species have been observed using it, including such oddities as Cooper's
> Hawk and Pileated Woodpecker.  The only problem is that the way the
> office
> is laid out the computer monitor totally blocks the view of bath.  The
> obvious solution was a live video feed to a television in the
> office.  Yesterday, I was successful in converting this video feed into a
> "live" web cam.  The image is updated every minute during daylight
> hours.  Unfortunately, due to the distance to the bath birds smaller than
> cardinals will probably not be identifiable to species.  Readers are
> cordially invited to view the Dripper Pond Cam at:
> Does anyone know if the Painted Bunting Cam in Melbourne, or was it
> Titusville, is still operating?
> Later...
> Noel Wamer
> Jacksonville, FL, US
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