Some of you have asked, and I am always willing to oblige if I can.  The
current total is 255.  I set a few goals for the fun of it this year.

1)  100 species in the first day.  I barely got this one.  100 even.
2)  200 species in January.   Blew this one away.  242 by the 31st.  I could
have gotten 250, but it was more important to look for rarities than get
stakeouts that will be there in the summer (Miami exotics, etc.)
3)  300 by Memorial Day.  I'm pretty sure I can get this one, unless I bomb
this spring.
4)  350 native species total.  This means without starlings, rock doves,
parrots, etc.

Obviously #4 is the hardest.

Some of the highlights so far have been the hummingbirds, Purple finch, Pine
siskin, Dickcissel, Red-throated loon, Warbling vireo, White-faced ibis,
Yellow-faced grassquit, Brown-crested flycatcher.

I am missing a few winter type birds so far:  Saltmarsh sharp-tailed, Lark
and Henslow's sparrow.  Pacific loon, not many of them this year.  Surf and
White-winged scoter, Brown creeper, and Dark-eyed junco are no shows so far.

The sandman is catching up to me now, so I'll have to sign off.

David Simpson
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Sebastian, FL