Our birding group of five found a MacGillvray's Warbler at
the Fern Forest Nature Center in Broward Co at 8:30 this morning.

Exit I-95 at Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano Beach and go west to Lyon's Road.  You
will need to turn left (south) at Lyon's Rd, however, you cannot make a
direct left turn.  You need to keep to the right on Atlantic and make a
cloverleaf turn from
Atlantic onto Lyon's.  There are signs directing traffic to southbound Lyon's
Rd. - just follow the signs.  Fern Forest is only a few blocks south of
Atlantic and the entrance is on the west side of Lyon's.  At the west
end of the only parking lot there is a sign reading "authorized vehicles
only".  Walk
(don't drive) west on the road and after a 100 ft. or so the paved road
turns to the left and a gravel road goes to the right.  Just north (right) of
intersection there is a light green Bellsouth underground cable marker.
The bird was seen in the undergrowth just to the east of that marker.

We were most fortunate in that the bird did not disappear into the deeper
vegetation.  It perched on some dead branches a few feet off the ground and
was picking insects or larvae from green growth growing up through the dead

We had the bird under observation for 5-6 minutes.  The bird has distinct and
obvious white eye crescents.  They are very noticeable and are almost puffy
in appearance. There is an obvious gap between the crescents
both to the front and rear of the eye. The throat was gray and two of the
observers did notice some black flecks on the throat indicating that the bird
is probably an immature male.  The underparts, including undertail coverts,
are yellow.  The rest of the plumage is brownish/olive.

In the trees around the parking lot we also had a Nashville, 2-3
and a Black-throated Green.

Fern Forest opens at 8:00 and there is no entrance fee.

Good luck,

Wally George
Ft. Lauderdale
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