Yesterday, Feb. 16, 2001 Joie Clifton and I had great views
of a Western Kingbird and a Crested Caracara on Joe
Overstreet Rd. off County Rd. 523 in Osceola County. They
were seen at the cattle crossing near a small pond. (DeLorme
p. 94. A-3; also, Pranty's Birder's Guide to FL, p.155.)

A little farther west at Overstreet Landing on Lake
Kissimmee a Brown Pelican (!) was on the "No Wake" sign. Two
Whooping Cranes flew out of the nearby pasture.

On CR 523 about l mile north of Joe Overstreet Rd. near the
ranch structures on the west side of the highway we saw 7
Whoopers feeding with Sandhill Cranes.

A little farther south at Three Lakes WMA we made a
conservative estimate of 800 American White Pelicans
clustered tightly in the middle of Lake Jackson which is
shrunken due to the drought.

It was a thirteen eagle day!  One adult Bald Eagle on Joe
Overstreet Rd, two adults and three immatures at Overstreet
Landing, three immatures and two adults at Lake Jackson and
two immatures at Cypress Lake.

Best Wishes,
Dot Freeman, Orlando