We've been seeing at least 9 Monk Parakeets in our neighborhood for the past few
months (usually a flock of 7 and one of 2). A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a
number birds making trips to my neighbors tree carrying sticks. I found the nest
in an oak in the yard behind hers. About a week later, my feeders have began
seeing regular visits by 5 parakeets.

Could it be that two of them are staying in the nest? Do Monk Parakeets have
breeding seasons? And would they be expected to be on the nest now?

I've posted a link to Benjamin's latest photo after my signature. It's not a
birding related photo. I think he's got a drinking problem.

On a birding related note, one of his first "words" was Boo-day" (Boo-day
sometimes becomes "burd-ee"). I had no idea where that came from until this past
weekend. I was out back watering when I heard a cardinal calling. It sounded a
bit like "boo-day (I guess it's the purdy call). Around 9:00 am on Saturday, my
Audubon clock rang out with the cardinal's call. Followed shortly thereafter by
Benjamin repeating Boo-day.

Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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