I don't know if any species have been added to the Official State
  List of the Birds of Florida since it was published in "Florida
  Field Naturalist", in the August 2000 issue, but I think that Red
  Necked Grebe, Bicknell's Thrush, & Bullock's Oriole will probably
  go on it in the near future. Three exotics that I feel are well
  established & should be added to the list are Yellow-chevroned
  Parakeet, & Hill & Common Myna. It looks like Loggerhead Kingbird
  may soon come off the list.

  In the FOS Checklist I read that the list was updated as of 3 June
  2000, I was wondering where you got the date of July 26? I counted
  480 species on the list myself, but where did you see that number
  written? I was also wondering where you saw the Florida list with
  485 species.


  Wes Biggs

speedyg wrote:
> Does anyone know which birds have been added to the Florida state checklist
> since the last FOS list (July 26 2000)? The official list
> says 480 species, but one site I've checked says 485.
> S.P. MacCumhail
> Crawfordville, FL
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