The rain followed us all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic,
but the following finds made it a bright, sunny day for me!

Smyrna Dunes Park

    2 purple sandpiper  (lifebird #1, seen on both sides of the rock jetty)

Turtle Mound

   12 northern gannet (this many in just 15 minutes-4 immature, 8 adult-very
good scope views-flying, plunging, bobbing)

Orlando Wetlands Park (my first visit to this park)

         American bittern (lifebird #2-I was about to give up when I noticed
the back of what seemed at first to be a bird of prey at the edge of a reedy
marsh-my binoculars revealed a bittern frozen with its bill pointing up;
walking around to get a side view, I saw the long stripes and black mark on
neck; by then the bird seemed nervous and ready to flush, so I left--missing
a chance to see how it looked as it flew away.)

All of the above were my target birds today-I never thought I'd see them
all!  Thanks to Roy Peterson for posting, Paul Fellers ( a field trip leader
I met at the jetty who was kind enough to show me the first sandpiper), and
my nonbirding husband (a patient chauffeur) for doing all of the driving.


Irene Hernandez
Redington Shores, FL
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