C.J., & All.

  I was in Flamingo yesterday, & could find no Short-tailed Hawks.
  I was also at the end of Snake Bight Trail at high tide, from
  about 5:30 until past dusk at almost 7:00 PM. NO FLAMINGOS! I
  walked back in the dark, an unhappy camper. I looked for you at
  the Flamingo Ranger Station C.J. but they said you had "gone
  walk about". Sorry I missed you.

  Wes Biggs

"C.J. Grimes" wrote:
> I'm glad the Short-tailed Hawks are being seen in the north, but sightings
> here around Flamingo are becoming scarce.  I'm not too sad though since the
> Swallow-tailed Kites have returned.  Our first sightings came yesterday
> (2/23) and they have been seen several times today, along the main park road
> between snake bight and mahogany hammock.
> The Wood Storks are nesting at Paurotis Pond again, along with some Great
> Egrets and a pair of Roseate Spoonbills.
> Mrazek Pond will probably not "happen" this year since there is almost no
> water.
> Also, I hear that at Dry Tortugas the Sooty Terns and Brown Noddies have
> returned and are nesting.
> That's all for now...
> CJ Grimes
> Park Ranger
> Everglades National Park
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 Wes Biggs
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