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"Bob Parcelles,Jr." wrote:
> Vince Lucas's recent message regarding bird names,
> most of which were or are subspecies, brings to mind
> an excellent treatment of several specific and
> sub-specific bird populations in the Florida Keys.
> The Keys are unique in that we have a temperate fauna
> dwelling in a tropical and sub-tropical flora.  This
> has raised some interesting questions concerning
> invertebrate and vertebrate forms.  Dr. james D.
> Lazel, Jr. in his book. WILDLIFE OF THE FLORIDA KEYS A
> Natural History (Island Press, Wash. DC, 1989), gives
> us an overview of the land (and it's geological
> history), the flora and the fauna.  Basically a
> vertebrate zoologist specializing in the zoogeography
> of islands, he treats us to a view of his great
> insight into these subjects.
> I will just talk about birds of the FL Keys.  He
> starts with an annotated list of species and then
> discusses special species.  The keys have given rise
> to quite a few subspecies, morphs and geographical
> populations (as in Sibley).I will just list these
> specialitys.
>  Brown Pelican, The Great Herons (he gets into the
> Blue Heron, Ward's  and White Heron subjects and gives
> a very good explanation of the differences between
> morphs, clines and subspp.). I was particularly
> interested in his views on the status of the White
> Heron.
> Roseate Spoonbill, Clapper Rail, Short-billed
> Dowitcher, Black Noddy, White-crowned Pigeon, Key West
> Quail-dove. mangrove Cuckoo, Antillean Nighthawk Cuban
> Yellow Warbler.
> He does an equally fascinating job on the mammals,
> herps and arthropods.
> Must reading.
> Good birding and see you in the Keys!
> Bob Parcelles, Jr.
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