Yesterday, Feb. 24, 2001 at mid-morning Pennsylvania birders
Nancy and Ed Lawler and I had easy and close-up viewing of
Red-cockaded Woodpeckers at Three Lakes WMA in Osceola
County. (Delorme, p.94, A-3) After finding a total of zero
in the campground we slowly drove up the highway (Canoe
Creek Rd. SR 352) with windows open listening for activity.
At 0.3 mile north of the entrance to the campground we saw
from the shoulder of the road a Red-cockaded moving up the
trunk of a pine next to the fence line. This Red-cockaded
had a yellow band on its left leg. Across the road we saw
another Red-cockaded which had an orange band on its left

Also in the pinewoods were singing Bachman's Sparrows. For
Nancy and Ed it was two lifers in one binocular view.

Caution: Red-cockaded Woodpeckers are endangered species -
and so are you. Watch out for the big trucks speeding down
the highway.

Best Wishes,
Dot Freeman, Orlando