Conditions at Fern Forest this morning were just the opposite of what they
over the past couple of days.  The wind was less than 5 mph and the birds
were calling.

There were 6 birders present this morning and 3 saw the MacGillivray's.  We
first heard it calling at 8:40 in the brush/weeds on the south side of the
road about
50 ft. west of the gate/fence at the west end of the parking lot.  During the
next 5 minutes the bird was seen twice; one particularly long view of 2-3
seconds as opposed to the usual 1 second or less.  We were unable to locate
the bird during the next 15 minutes.  It then began to call again in the same
area and it was seen once during the next 5 minutes as it continued to call.
It then
stopped calling and we did not see or hear it again.

I don't know of anyone who has seen this bird when it wasn't calling.  Even
when you hear it and know where it is it can be very difficult to observe due
to the
fact that it prefers to feed in patches of live weeds and it very rarely
out of the weed cover.  When it does it is usually only for a brief second or
as it pauses on an exposed perch before dropping back into dense cover.

Wally George
Ft. Lauderdale
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