Just a couple of very minor corrections. Last year was the only
   year in the last 20 or so in which no Black Noddies were seen
   by anyone. None of the bird groups had any the year before last,
   but Sonny Bass did see one on Bush Key when he was over there
   doing Sooty Tern work. I've seen them there almost every year
   since 1966. The first record for North America was there in 1960.
   The vast majority of sightings are indeed birds that are sitting
   in trees on Bush Key, but I've seen it many times from Garden Key
   as well, on the North coaling dock. On a number of occasions I've
   been able to identify Black Noddies sitting on Bush Key from the
   roof of the fort with a good spotting scope. One year I remember
   David Sibley found one that way when those of us in the boat only
   a few yards from the bird couldn't see it behind some high
   We have had as many as 4 birds 2 or 3 times, 5 birds once, & a high
   of 7 a few years ago.

   Wes Biggs

Brad_Bergstrom wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Nicholas Block wrote:
> >  We're looking into a couple different ferry services.  Unfortunately, the
> > Yankee Fleet website is not working for us right now, so I can't look into
> > their specifics.  Does it only visit Garden Key like the Sunny Days trip?
> > How long does their trip stay?  And concerning either trip only to Garden
> > Key:  What specialties can we expect to see if only traveling to Garden
> > Key?  I've gotten the impression that Sooty Tern and Magnificent
> > Frigatebird (assuming they have arrived by March 7 or so?) will be easy
> > because they nest on Bush Key nearby, but what about noddies (I know Black
> > is rare anyway) and boobies?  Also, when do Roseate Terns arrive?  Thanx
> The fast ferry (2 hrs to Garden Key) gets you there about 10 am, and
> you'll have till about 3 to bird the fort.  Sooty Terns and frigatebirds
> are everywhere, as are Brown Noddies.  Good luck on the Black Noddy--in
> some recent springs, there has been none, in others as many as 4, but
> you'd need a kayak or something to paddle over to Bush Key where they (and
> the Brown Boobies) often roost.  You can usually find Brown Booby and
> Masked Booby (latter toward Hospital Key) by scoping from atop the fort.
> You may also see some Brown Boobies in flight on the trip over.  Possibly
> also Roseate Terns, but that's tough.  Always a (slim) chance of a
> Red-footed Booby hanging out and a tropicbird on the trip over or
> saoring over the fort.
> Brad
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