Hello folks

While in the everglades last week, Cindy and I observed a Great-crested
Flycatcher near the cottages.  The plumage of the bird we saw was typical of
great-crest having lots of green on the crown and back, a dark ashy gray
breast, and fleshy base to the bill, it also called a few times.  I am aware
of several reports of Brown-crested Fly in the same area. Most of the
reports have failed to mention a great-crest, so I was wondering if there
were two birds or some confusion over the ID?

I'm not singling anyone out, and I'm not the bird police, but this reminds
me of a phenomenon in birding I call the "The lingering" it is reports of an
unusual bird after it is gone.  Most of us (if not all) have fallen victim
to the power of suggestion, just getting a glimpse of a bird and then
reporting what was reported previously.  A similar thing occurred while I
was on Snake Bight trail. I searched hard for the Louisiana Waterthrush and
encountered 3 maybe 4 Northern Waterthrushes and never saw anything well
enough to call Louisiana. A little while later I ran into a couple of
birders who said they had seen two Louisiana's! How could I have missed two?
I know there's at least one, it's been reported by many top notch observers.
Later that day I heard a birder say they had seen 3 Louisiana Waterthrushes
on Snake Bight!

Cindy and I had a great first trip to the "Glades". Can I call myself a
Floridian now?  The weather was great, the mosquitoes were few, we saw lots
of birds, some old friends, and made new friends.  Of course the icing on
the cake was seeing the Grassquit.


Kurt Radamaker
Orlando FL
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