Sunday at the park the Clearwater Audubon group got to see Gull-billed Terns
feeding in the impoundments.  Two American Bitterns put on a nice close up
show and gave good photo ops for everyone.

I arrived at sunup in time to see thousands of herons, egrets and ibis
flying out from their nighttime roost on the south side of the park over to
their feeding grounds on the north side.  It took about 10 minutes for them
all to fly over.  The south side impoundment looked like it was covered with
snow there were so many white birds roosting there. Pretty incredible sight.

Also spotted two White-throated Sparrows at the entrance gate to the south
side on both Saturday and Sunday.

For directions to the park check out
or see Bill's book. The south side of the park is not shown on the map.

Cheri Pierce
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