Hi All,

Visiting birder Paul Baicich and I hit the Fort Lauderdale parrot hot
spots Mon. afternoon and Tues. morning.  The results were great.  We
even saw some birds doing what birds do during mating season.  Plus,
there were pairs of several different species checking out nest holes in
cypress trees and dead Royal Palms.  Mon. evening we saw about 200
Amazons at the Federal Hwy roost.

NOTE:  Just because AOU has chosen to call the exotic parrots by the
wrong names does not mean I have to follow their mistake.  Refer to
"Parrots of the World" by Joseph Forshaw and "Parrots, a Guide to
Parrots of the World" by Juniper and Parr.

List of birds seen:
Green-cheeked Amazon (Red-crowned Parrot)
Orange-winged Amazon
Yellow-headed Amazon
White-fronted Amazon
Blue-crowned Conure
Black-hooded Conure
Red-masked Conure
White-eyed Conure
Green Conure
Chestnut-fronted Macaw
and, of course, Monk Parakeet

Susan Epps
Fort Lauderdale
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