OK. Let's make this fixed: I was just teasing !
As Barbara said 'The sense of humor varies considerably from person to
person in the same culture and a great deal in different cultures.'

The Birdchat Quiz is nothing but a game, so ...

Keep smiling !


A poor french-speaking belgian birder.
Stephane Moniotte.

At 20:49 07/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, FloridaBirders,
>Since some of you are perturbed about Stephane's message of
>this afternoon, I would like to say that Stephane and I have been
>friends for quite a while though I missed him on his trip to Atlanta to
>the ABA meeting.
>I edited part of his page on Digiscoping and we have been jokers
>with each other and with others on my jokelist, BarbarasLaughList.
>And certainly I have put in many hours on his quizzes, through
>which I have learned a lot.
>So, surprise, folks!  He was teasing!
>A bientôt, Stephane!
>Barbara Passmore
>At 07:20 PM 2/7/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>>Mrs Passmore wrote:
>>>I copy each picture on Stephane's quiz and play around with it (just
>>>for my own use).  I print it in color, I enlarge it, etc.  For that I don't
>>>have to have permission, but if I were to include it in my own page, that
>>>not be allowed.
>>Two comments:
>>1. The Quiz is not a game. Stop playing with the pictures, Barbara.
>>2. Would you be interested in Digital Photography of Birds, check the
>>following URL. Of course, all these shots are copyrighted as
>>Stephane Moniotte
>>Brussels BELGIUM
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>>Digiscoping & Digital Birding at
>>Birdchat Quiz at
>>"A strange bird may cause a slight unrest until it is named..."
>>                                                        (Walker Percy)

Stephane Moniotte
Brussels BELGIUM
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Visit my websites:
Digiscoping & Digital Birding at
Birdchat Quiz at

"A strange bird may cause a slight unrest until it is named..."
                                                        (Walker Percy)