Hi Vince!

Your observation re the Glaucous Gull "coming to the front" of the gull pack was right on! I don't know if you were feeding the birds or exactly what the situation was but with gulls (and most other birds), SIZE RULES! These are the biggest and most predatory gull (next to the Great Black-backed) and other gulls make way for them, OR ELSE!

Roy Peterson
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  Today, it took just 2 minutes to find the Glaucous Gull in Pompano Beach
  that has been reported in recent days. This after driving nearly 2 hours
  from Naples. I studied it for nearly an hour from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15
  p.m. It is best to walk half-way down along the backside of the fence to
  get a clear view of the gull. Although not essential, a spotting scope is
  very helpful. One small correction to Jill Rosenfield's post from
  yesterday. The address on the United Rentals/Supermix Concrete sign reads
  1803-1817 (not 1818). One of the workers there told me that the name of
  the lake where the GLaucous Gull is being found is Crystal Lake. Can
  anyone confirm this? Also, the gated community on the North side of the
  lake is Called "Independence Bay." Perhaps this is the name of the lake
  as well?

  Since no one has aged the bird I'll take a shot. I think that it is a
  second winter bird. The bird is identical to that illustrated in the
  Sibley Guide. A similar looking bird from California can be seen at this

  One other thing I noticed about this bird. . . . It appeared to always
  come to the front of the pack of gulls. It least that was my observation.

  Of course there were many Herring, Greater and Lesser Black-backed,
  Ring-billed and some Laughing Gulls present on the lake, making for a
  wonderful comparison.

  Good luck in seeing this bird!

  Vincent Lucas