Hi Ara!

An interesting find - however I am not aware of there being any light or dark morph Dunlins - perhaps you mean a possible albino or near-albino. I think the eyes need to be pink to be a full albino.  I will be looking forward to the photos.

Best regards,

Roy Peterson
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  Saturday, 17 February 2001, between 3:05pm and 3:35pm,
  Pam Bowen, Joe Stewart, Susan Gosselin, and I observed
  a possible WHITE MORPH of  a DUNLIN at Merritt Island
  National Wildlife Refuge <Pump House Road, first large
  pond on LEFT heading East>.

  This small, all white, stocky bird with a large head
  and long drooping bill had some minor darkness on the
  crown and on the breast which may be dark feathers or

  The legs and bill had a peach-orange color.

  The eyes were dark.

  It was seen feeding with DUNLINS in the shallow water
  of the mud flats in a larger flock of mixed origin
  <mostly White Ibus, Ring-billed Gulls, and Dunlins>.

  It was observed probing the sand rapidly with its
  bill, flying, preaning, and, wing flapping.

  PHOTOS will be posted by Pam and Susan.

  Happy Birding!

  ara charder, west cocoa
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