Michael and I arrived at Fern Forest this morning at 7:30 am, but as, mentioned by Wally, the MacGillvray's Warbler was not spotted until 9:30am.  We kept catching glimpses of it through the weeds on the right side of the trail until about 11:00 am.  

We then went to check for the Glaucous Gull at the lake just north of the garbage dump.  There were thousands of gulls rafting, so Mike started scoping them and amazingly enough the Glaucous Gull landed right in his field of view.  We spent about an hour watching it.  It took off a couple of times to go feed at the dump and then came back to take a break amongst the other gulls on the lake.  As far as his/her age, the gull has black eyes and some buffy coloring on the wings, so it may not be a second winter.  Anyone?!?! 


Annabelle McKie and Michael Manna
Delray Beach
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