I woudl Suggest you check out Safesite.  I know PLA in that area was taken
over by IM also, so don't look at the yellow pages, as PLA is still listed.

Comment's posted are my own and not those of my employer.

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Hello Ms. Myers,

I used to work for a natural gas company, and while there the offsite
storage company we used was bought by Iron Mountain back in the late 80's
early 90's. It started out pretty good as the service was very good, but I
think that part of that was because of the loyalty of the folks who worked
for the company that was bought out. Iron Mountain kept some of those

When Iron Mountain took over, however, it was a little different. We
the biggest kid on the block anymore, and Iron Mountain seemed very
arrogant. Their service was terrible, and they acted like they could care
less about our concerns. I eventually changed jobs and didn't have to deal
with them too much (thank goodness).

I am a consultant now, and my Houston client uses them. From what I've
(non-client sources) not much has changed. They're becoming the only game
town by buying out the competition, which I think is unfair and
I think they've grown too big too quickly, and got there through
acquisitions and not through superior customer service.

If you go back and check the ListServe Archives, you can find other
about them as this has come up several times before. I don't know if this
helps you much, I wouldn't use them again unless I absolutely had to. Be
careful in your contract negotiations, and try to avoid those buyout
costs... they can be steep and keep you trapped with them.

Good luck!

Earl Johnson, Jr.
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Good Morning,

This posting is for anyone in the Houston, Texas area who is currently, or
has in the past, used Iron Mountain as a provider for records storage.  My
department is doing some comparisons between company owned offsite records
storage/management facilities versus third party vendor managed facilities,
and we are seeking information from those who have had first hand
with Iron Mountain.

What I need is your honest evaluation of Iron Mountain and the services
provide.  Things such as best practices, lessons learned, customer service,
recommendations, and any comments, both positive and negative, would be
helpful and appreciated.  We are in the process of evaluating both
and need objective information as well as opinions based on actual
relationships and experiences.

Please don't make this a forum to "beat up" on the vendor, but we do want
know about the "good and the bad".  Due to the type of information we are
trying to acquire, please respond only if you have had personal experience
with Iron Mountain, not if you represent or work for Iron Mountain.

If possible, please respond by this Friday, sorry for the short notice.  If
you prefer, you may respond off line to: [log in to unmask]

As always, the knowledge represented by the members of this listserv is
invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kay P. Myers
Records Analyst
Johnson Controls, Inc./BP
Information Services/Records Management
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