I'm a new subscriber to the Records Management List Serv.  I work for a large (17,000+ employees), international Financial Services company.  Our businesses include life and health insurance, banking, mortgages, pensions, and institutional asset management.  I recently was appointed to a Corporate position called:  Information Retention Officer.  One of my charges is to update our Corporate information retention policy/practices.

I have visited the List Serv archives seeking relevant information.  I'm also interested in hearing from any of you who would like to respond through the List Serv or directly to me on the following kinds of questions:

For other large, complex companies:

1.  Do you have one Corporate information retention policy that is applicable to all entities?
        If yes, how detailed is your retention policy?  (i.e., detailed retention schedules included; authority defined; appropriate storage defined)

        If no, how are your retention practices established?

2.  Who is responsible in your company for updating and maintaining your company's information retention policy?

3.  Who monitors applicable laws and regulations?

4.  What compliance infrastructure do you have in place to assure compliance with policy?

5.  How do you communicate your information retention program to your employees?

Thanks for your help!

Monica Brich

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