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                Subject:        Workflow White Paper

                I am looking for a white paper on transactional workflow.
Our company is an
                enterprise eBusiness infrastructure software company and am
interested in
                reading what other companies might bring to the table in
this area.

                Please provide me with weblinks if possible.

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                Subject: San Diego ARMA Program

                > The San Diego ARMA Chapter Presents: California UETA and
the Federal
                > Act - How These Acts Affect Records
                > Overview: The federal Electronic Signatures In Global and
                > Act   (E-SIGN Act) became effective on October 1, 2000.
The E-SIGN Act
                > provides that if a statute or regulation requires a
written document, the
                > use of an electronic record satisfies the requirement,
provided certain
                > provisions are met, and if a signature is required, the
use of an
                > signature satisfies that requirement.  This Act was passed
to provide
                > uniformity for e-commerce transactions, electronic records
and signatures
                > due to the variety of state-enacted laws governing these
                > The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act ("UETA") is a model
act to be
                > by each state to provide uniformity with electronic
transactions, records
                > and signatures. California was one of the first states to
adopt the UETA,
                > although the version adopted was before the final approved
version from
                > NCCUSL was completed and had many exceptions.   California
has now
                > introduced a new UETA, which conforms more closely to the
official NCCUSL
                > version, Senate Bill 97.
                > This program will highlight the provisions of E-SIGN, the
                > ETA and the proposed revision to the California ETA,
Senate Bill 97, how
                > they differ and how the federal law may pre-empt
California law.  For
                > records managers, the program will identify the provisions
that affect the
                > creation, receipt and retention of electronic records and
                > Speaker: Our featured speaker is Rae N. Cogar, JD, Senior
Staff Attorney
                > eOriginal, Inc.  Ms. Cogar brings over 18 years of records
                > experience, including law firm records management.  Ms.
Cogar currently
                > serves as the Legal liaison for the Government Industry
Specific Group of
                > ARMA.
                > She has just written an article on the Uniform Electronic
Transactions ACT
                > (UETA) with mention of E-Sign for ARMA International and
has been very
                > involved in speaking to groups about both E-Sign and UETA,
as E-Sign has a
                > preemptive affect on states that have passed UETA
(California in
                > particular).
                > Previous to working with eOriginal she was Assistant
Attorney General for
                > the Territory of Guam; Records Management consultant to
the Department of
                > Energy at the Naval Petroleum Reserve in California and
the West Valley
                > Demonstration Project in West Valley, New York; Former
member of the
                > Department of Energy's Digital Signature Working Group;
and Consultant for
                > ECLIPS - Electronic Commerce, Law and Information Policy
Strategies - a
                > program of the Ohio Supercomputer Center at the Ohio State
                > Date:  February 22, 2001
                > Agenda: 11:30-12:00 pm- Registration & Networking
                >                   12:00-1:30 pm -Luncheon Session
                > Cost: Members $20.00; Non-members $25.00
                > Mark your calendars for February 22 @ 11:30 and join us in
San Diego at
                > Mission Valley Doubletree!  RSVP to Susan Roberts via
phone 858 391 3354
                > x263, Fax 858 679-7341 or email  [log in to unmask]
                > For detailed program information:
                > To register on-line:
                > Posted By:  Richard Berlin
                > San Diego ARMA, President
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