Thanks to Pat Cunningham for reminding me that I haven't posted this message
in quite a while.

As Pat suggested, if you want to post a document for all listserv members to
be able to access, read and download, please email me at
[log in to unmask]  Remember, attachments are not allowed on listserv

Please refrain from sending me the document unless we have exchanged emails
since I delete all attachments without opening them unless I am expecting
them and they originate from the person from whom I am expecting them.

Once I receive the document I will place it to my resource list websites at
located at:,, and

As usual, if you find any websites that are useful to you, please send me
the url(s) in an email so I can add it(them) to my list.


"A Cancer Survivor"
Edison, NJ
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Cancer may have robbed me of that blissful ignorance that
once led me to believe that tomorrow stretched forever.
In exchange I've been granted the wisdom to see each today
as something special, a gift to be used wisely and fully.
Nothing can take that away.

Hopes and dreams reign where cancer cannot go.

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